5 Things Every Shopify User Should Know About Engine Mail

Posted on March 20, 2019

There are more than 800,000 store owners relying on Shopify as their e-commerce platform. Many of those merchants are using an email plug-in to assist in the execution of email marketing. The list of possible options to get this done is quite long.

But don’t worry about doing hours of research to find which option is best for your store. You’ve already found this article, so you’ve found that solution.

More specifically, you’ve found the email solution for your Shopify store if you want the absolute best in automation while saving time and avoiding over-complication. That’s what Engine Mail is here to provide.

Engine Mail is the email product that arrives at your fingertips with the best practices specifically for e-commerce already baked into the software. It has an opinion on what works best, making automated emails easier than ever to build, deploy, and forget. That opinion was formed by a leadership team with 25 years of experience building e-commerce brands and helping others do the same.

Engine Mail-shopify-mailchimp

To further illustrate the appeal of Engine Mail, here are five things every Shopify user should know about the email platform:

Taking Automation to the Next Level

If you’re not sending at least three types of customer-driven automation emails, you’re missing out on revenue. And if 25 percent of your overall revenue isn’t coming from email automation, again, you’re missing out. (See, told you we came with an opinion.)

Engine Mail is the email product designed specifically for getting the most out of automation. That means welcome series, product view, abandoned cart, and other automated emails made easy. You need to be using top-notch automation for your email marketing to thrive. That’s what Engine Mail will help you do in the most convenient possible way.

No Complicated Setup

Have you ever finished the signup process for a software tool and wondered what to do next? “Where is everything I actually need?” … “What do the tabs under this menu even mean?” … “Are there any clear instructions around here?”

These aren’t questions you’ll be asking when setting up Engine Mail. That process has been made easy. The setup process is carefully designed to lead users along a path to quick and easy email automation. You won’t wonder what’s ready to go and what still needs to be done because you’ll be updated along the way.

Generate Revenue While Saving Time

The possibilities are endless regarding what you could accomplish if you just had more time. That’s especially true for e-commerce entrepreneurs, who are constantly looking for time to keep building their brand or getting started on another project.

Engine Mail can help immensely by putting your email automation into cruise control after that easy setup process. You can generate revenue while not necessarily having to pay much attention at all. Sure, it helps to check in at times if you like but, for the most part, your emails can be built and forgotten about.

No More Default Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Shopify provides default abandoned cart emails. That’s great except for the fact they are quite ugly. (Sorry, someone had to say it.)

With Engine Mail, you can go ahead and turn off those default Shopify emails. You’ll have abandoned cart emails that are far more effective, appealing, and brand-centric ready to go in just minutes.

No Coding Necessary

Unless you’re comfortable digging into some code, you’ll often run into obstacles installing the entirety of an email product to your store. That’s not the case with Engine Mail. You’ll be able to get the whole package without having to deal with coding at any point.

You’re an e-commerce store owner, not a seasoned website developer. (Unless you’re both. In which case, congratulations. We’re impressed.) You should have an email tool that works with your skills accordingly.

If Engine Mail is for you, set up a call with our team by clicking here or reaching out via email. Whether you end up working with us or not, we promise to leave your business better than we found it.