Stop Overthinking S*%!

Posted on May 1, 2018

If you’re in the eCommerce marketing or advertising space, you most likely have a group of like-minded individuals that you communicate with on a frequent basis. A group of guys or gals that you trust to give feedback on campaigns, talk about strategies, and sometimes just chat about your sanity when working within Facebook’s Ad Manager #bringpowereditorback.

If you’re not in a community at the end of this article I recommend my top four favorite groups that I am part of.

I think having a community to lean on is great as we all need to check ourselves from time to time. Not to mention, being part of a group of heavy hitters always keeps you sharp as you benefit from the testing and sharing of new strategies.

But after 100’s of conversations with high-level marketers, 1,000’s of private messages, and years of scrolling through online forums and groups, I feel the calling to say… stop overthinking s*%!

There comes a time when you need to just push the campaign live, take a risk on an influencer, and throw caution to the wind.

I get it, every dollar you spend on advertising is a dollar that you had to earn, and feeling as if you have wasted those dollars is never a good feeling. But this is a mindset issue that needs to be addressed here and now.

“The money you spend on your marketing is an investment, not an expense.”

If you think of this in any other way your brain is broken. How else are you going to learn? How are you going to know if your market likes something without asking them? Too often we build these complex campaigns in an ivory tower and are left scratching our heads when at first they do not succeed.

I’m frankly surprised people still come to me asking for advice or consultation for high-level questions like; “does influencer marketing work?”, or “Will Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/whatever advertising work for my business?”. I’m surprised because my answer is always, “are your customers there?”. Marketing and sales are very basic in my opinion, you listen to where your customers are talking, and you join in on the conversation native to the platform they are on.

“My opinion should not matter, nor should anyone’s opinion that isn’t voting with their attention or their wallet.”

If you want to know if influencer marketing will work for your eCommerce product, run an influencer marketing campaign. If you wonder if Youtube pre-rolls are going to convert, run them and then optimize. I truly believe, we as a marketing community, need to double down on doing rather than thinking. The time for thought is over, it is time to put in the work. Really this entire article is my attempt to help just one person reading this to stop pontificating and start tasting. It is my plea for you to DO. Who cares if a particular influencer post didn’t convert into sales? Try again! You still learned something, and you can take those insights and use them to better your next attempt. The beauty of digital marketing is the cost of entry is so low! You can run a complete test with as little as $1,000! I have a feeling advertisers from the 80’s and 90’s would kick our butts for not doing more, learning more, and testing more. We can collect data at scale with $1,000 budget, do you understand how crazy that is? You can literally build a million dollar company off the back of running these micro tests across different channels and audiences. We are so lucky to live in this digital age, and I for one am going to squeeze this moment as hard as I can.

The Takeaway is simple… DO MORE

As promised, here are some communities I really value and I’d like to take a minute to highlight some rockstars you need to be following.

  1. eCommerce Heavyweights is a relatively new group, but the guys behind it are legends in my book. I met Scott and Dee a few years ago just as Right Hook Digital was starting. The reason I love this group is their willingness to give their eCommerce strategies and best advice away for free at scale. With results like driving $607k in 90 days, I trust these marketers as much as I trust myself. What you can expect from this group is solid advice, up to date strategies, as well as a good bit of banter that will instantly leave you feeling like one of the regulars.
  2. Unicorn IQ HubMaxwell has been a role model of mine since Kevin Harrington recommended him to me while we were co-authoring a book. Max and I share a longing for staying behind the scenes, but with as much value as Max brings I am so proud of him for stepping into the spotlight. If you follow Kevin Harrington, Pat Flynn, or Startup Drugz you’ve likely seen Max and his partner Jeremy’s work. They are trusted by some of the largest brands in the world, and they deliver. What you can expect from this group are weekly AMAZING interviews with CEO’s, marketers, and other experts in their space. (if you haven’t seen John’s interview with Max it is here) The insights gained from these interviews coupled with the valuable Facebook ads content Max gives is the equivalent to a B.A. in Modern Marketing.
  3. Growth Stackers is the last group I want to personally give a shout out to is Growth Stackers. This group run by Chad, Phil, and Matt is a hidden gem of internet marketing gold. After building WUDN to a multi-million dollar company, these guys have focused on client work and pouring into the marketing community at large. What I personally love about these guys is their transparency and desire to equip every marketer with the tools they need to be successful. They do this without asking anything in return. What you can expect from this group is tactical training through a Iphone recording looking down at $1,000,000 ad accounts. These guys have a vast amount of experience, and I highly encourage those reading to follow this space.

Last but not least is my favorite group (mainly because it is ours 😉). eCommerce 2025 is a community we are building for brands and advertising managers who are building for the future of eCommerce. What you can expect from us is conversion focused conversations around your website, marketing, as well as dreaming about the future of voice. If you want to take part, we would love to have you.