The Perfect E-Commerce Platform for Your Subscription Business

Posted on February 21, 2019

It’s been a great decade to be a subscription business in e-commerce. Per year, it’s now well over a $2 billion market with younger consumers as the primary subscribers.

As this space has continued to grow, one would think e-commerce platforms have adapted accordingly. Surely brands are provided with a pain-free, seamless subscription experience on their platform of choice, right? Nope. Plug-ins are still largely required, forcing e-commerce stores to rely on a separate application to make subscription a reality.

Now, finally, it’s time to throw those plug-ins aside with Engine — the e-commerce platform of the 2020s.

Engine has subscription capabilities built-in with no plug-in needed. It’s one login, one dashboard, one place for all your analytics between site and subscription. Creating a product(s) and building a subscribable model around it has never been easier.

Not only is this extremely convenient for store owners, but it also ensures customers will never have to leave your website when signing up to become subscribers. Without a plug-in, that process is all native.

Engine’s platform doesn’t just have a subscription tool built-in, either. There’s also a content management system, the ability to create your very own customizable themes, and everything you need for top-notch email marketing automation. That’s four potential plug-ins eliminated from your platform experience.

All of these elements tie together to alleviate so many potential headaches. If customers purchased a product that includes a subscription option, you have all the information existing in one spot to target them with an upsell. You can use Engine Mail to put those consumers in a segment and send them an email letting them know a subscription to that product is available. You’ll even have the best tools to incentivize the upsell by showing them how much they may save by committing to the re-occurring purchase. Rather than having to rely on two plug-ins (subscription and email) in that process, everything is seamlessly connected in one place on the Engine platform.

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The selling experience you can have with Engine is unparalleled. Everything you need is right there.

So if you want to say goodbye to using all those tedious plug-ins, reach out to Engine and we’ll explain everything. You can set up a call by clicking here or contacting our sales team via email.