customer retention

What’s pushing e-commerce consumers away?

Driving consumers to your e-commerce store is quite obviously a must-do recipe for success. Understanding exactly how to do that can be tricky and is typically dependent on your specific brand.  ...[Read More]

Don’t Forget: Customers are Still Customers Post-Purchase

It’s one of the easiest mistakes to make, but it can be fatal for your business if you make it. You can do everything right. You can develop an excellent website, an awesome brand, a killer soci...[Read More]

Customer Retention: The Best Tips and Tricks From the Experts

Advertising costs for e-commerce businesses are rapidly on the rise. Overall, customer acquisition costs have gone up nearly 50 percent just within the past five years. That trend is going to continue...[Read More]

5 Quotes from ‘The Room’ to Help You Retain Customers

Tommy Wiseau’s self-written, self-directed, self-starring, cult classic “The Room” is often called the best worst movie ever made. It was described in 2003 by Variety as, “A mo...[Read More]