E-Commerce Packaging: Will Ads on Boxes Become Normal?

I typically spend my Sunday evenings scouring the web for the latest in e-commerce news. For the most part, it’s simply about staying up to date. But sometimes, I’ll stumble across a topic...[Read More]

NBC and Comcast Want to Centralize E-Commerce

Lost in the news of NBC’s announcement of the foundation of a streaming service is the fact that NBC, and its parent Comcast, is pivoting toward an increased online presence — including one in e...[Read More]

Influencer Marketing: Steven Adams & Beef is Brilliant

Influencer marketing can be tricky. Brands are attempting to find someone who is a proper and profitable voice to represent them while ideally not breaking the bank. But if it’s done correctly, ...[Read More]

E-commerce Apparel Sales Are Booming, Here’s Why

Apparel took the crown as the most purchased category during the 2018 holiday season according to the National Retail Federation. That was far from the only period of 2018 apparel dominated, thou...[Read More]

What’s pushing e-commerce consumers away?

Driving consumers to your e-commerce store is quite obviously a must-do recipe for success. Understanding exactly how to do that can be tricky and is typically dependent on your specific brand.  ...[Read More]

E-Commerce Powering the Most Commonly Used Retail Tech

E-commerce as a whole continues to rise at an impressive rate. Most recently, e-commerce grew by 16 percent across North America in 2018. Sales for the year topped $500 billion. The holiday shopping s...[Read More]

E-Commerce Strategy: It’s Time to Own the Pipeline and the Acquisition

Amazon is quite clearly at the top of the e-commerce world for the foreseeable future. Over the past year, Walmart has emerged as its fiercest competitor for that title. At its core, this is simply a ...[Read More]

E-Commerce Must Start Doing Better for the Disabled

A lawsuit was recently filed against Beyoncé, and the claim at hand raises a serious question in e-commerce. How do online-centric companies accommodate the visually impaired? Parkwood Entertainment L...[Read More]

Gone Too Soon: The Rise and Fall of Soulja Boy, E-Commerce Titan

The year was 2007. A trio of threequels was conquering the box office and disappointing audiences (Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), Apple introduced the ...[Read More]

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