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Email Marketing Automation: 5 Reasons You Need a Welcome Series

If you think you don't need a welcome series in your email marketing automation plan, think again. The welcome series isn't a suggestion, it's a must-have.

Email Subject Lines: The Informal Guide for eCommerce

If you’re operating a website or business, I’m sure you’re using email marketing tactics to communicate with your customers. Are you having success? If not, the problem might be your email subject lin...[Read More]

The Email Automation Strategy that Changed Email Marketing Forever

Believe it or not, the email tactic marketers find the most engaging is the one they also tend to use the least. Behavioral email automation is key.

Email Marketing Automation: Best Upsell + Cross-Sell Examples

An effective email marketing automation plan should include the best examples for upselling and cross-selling to customers.

Email Marketing Automation: Upsell + Cross-Sell Best Practices

Email marketing automation can be a direct route to success for any e-commerce business. Upselling and cross-selling are important steps in that process.

Product View Emails: The Marketing Automation Every Brand Needs

Product view emails may not be as well known in email marketing automation as abandoned cart emails, but they are nonetheless extremely valuable.

Email Capture Strategies to Skyrocket Your Subscriber List

Building a high-quality email list can be invaluable for your brand. But if you want to turn email into a serious revenue generator, you’re going to need to collect email addresses. Enter: email...[Read More]

The Best Email Marketing Automation Examples

Email automation is a very effective marketing strategy. In order to do it properly, an e-commerce store needs to know the best email automation examples.

Email Automation: Why Your E-Commerce Store Needs It

Email automation stands out as an e-commerce marketing powerhouse. Engine Mail is an expert in the "hows" and "whys" of using it.

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