The Problems With eCommerce in 2018

Posted on March 6, 2018

Sometimes you read an article and the entire time, you can’t stop thinking that the writer was thinking about you the entire time. Then you ask yourself, are you me?

That’s exactly what happened with this great article from TNW about how the eCommerce industry could be a lot better.

In this article, Megha Parikh breaks down some of the glaring problems with eCommerce in 2018. No surprisingly, Engine is addressing each of these through a feature or item that’s on our roadmap.

Megha mentions the following four problems:

Problem 1: It’s not ‘human’ enough

Problem 2: Marketing is not persuasive enough

Problem 3: It’s facing cybersecurity threats

Problem 4: Brand engagement ends with the store website

I couldn’t agree more with these eCommerce issues.

The first two problems are literally our tagline. Brands needing to get creative with how they acquire their customers and making eCommerce more human by creating an experience rather than an online store is what we work on every day. Our lifestyle imagery platform is going to enable brands to create engaging content that looks and feels natural to consumers. Our out-of-the-box marketing automation creates engaging emails that people will want to open and check out.

It seems that security is on everyone’s mind, especially the consumer. By moving stores away from self-hosted solutions that require onsite teams to maintain, Engine is taking the security issue off the brand’s hand. Cybersecurity is never a core competency for a brand but it’s sure one of ours.

A brand’s engagement shouldn’t end at the website and our featureset and toolkit is built up to free time for operators to create a better experience across social media for their shoppers. If you aren’t tied down in your platform’s admin all day then you’re going to have more time to curate an experience across the web for your loyal shoppers.

We agree, Megha, each of these are major problems with ecommerce. Store platforms aren’t doing enough to solve them, leaving brands alone and tied up on solving it on their own. Engine is uniquely approaching with an eye for how eCommerce is going to work in the 2020s and is determined to solve these problems head on.