Think before you send that subject line

Posted on April 10, 2018

Every marketer has done it. Gambled on a risky email subject line. Not previewed the subject in a few popular email clients. Forgot to spellcheck that word they just knew looked right.

That hilarious one liner — it’s something you think is really going to work and boost that open rate this time.

Freeze frame. What metric are you really pursuing with that subject line? Are you trying to get your open rate up, or are you seeking the conversions that really drive the true metric of an email.

What’s the risk of the subject line falling flat on its face? Or that awesome merge feature you forgot to double check blasting out Hey “{{First_Name}}!” Annoying your list is the easiest way to rack up unsubscribes, getting marked as spam or the dreaded move to the “I never read these” folder.

The good team at Litmus breaks down some embarrassing subject line mistakes every marketer should avoid. Their deck is a great exploration of subject lines in email and should not be missed.

Click through to read this list that Engine whole-heartedly agrees with.