Video Content Will Be Booming in 2019

Posted on December 14, 2018

Video has added to its hit list. After mercilessly killing the radio star in 1980, video has decided to take on print media, and static advertising. Video content is trending up in a big way, but some recently released statistics have hammered home the insane rate in which people participate in video advertising.

Video content has long been expected to surpass other online content. “As early as 2015 Cisco forecasted that video content would overtake all other forms of content by 2020 and exceed 80% of all Internet use.” We’re on pace to make that prediction true, and 2019 will be a very big year in video content. With the rise of streaming giants on YouTube and the ubiquity of smart devices, people have become increasingly more comfortable in engagement with video content.

People are moving at an unprecedented speed, consuming hours of content daily. Video marketing can help you capture some of those hours. According to a study by Hubspot, “adding a video to an email boosts click-through rate by a staggering 200–300%, and putting one on a landing page increases conversion rate by 80%.” Those numbers are astronomical in a world where clicks are in more demand than ever. People are willing to slow down to watch a video, feeling that it gives a more concise yet thorough explanation of a product or just general information.

There are a plethora of ways you can capitalize on video content’s big moment. Make your Facebook ads videos — the data suggests that people will stop scrolling past your ads. If you do a newsletter, maybe include a video summary to give subscribers what’s most important, then incentivize actually reading through the newsletter for more detailed information. Start a YouTube channel where you answer frequently asked questions. Pitch your clients with video landing pages and video emails.

Video is having a big moment right now, and that moment may last a while. Get 2019 started off the right way by using video to kill the competition — figuratively of course.