Walmart redesigns home decor category page, adds link to meatballs in footer

Posted on February 23, 2018

How do you reinvent yourself when you are the biggest retailer on the face of the planet? Well, you start somewhere small and test the waters.  Or you simply copy Swedish furniture juggernaut IKEA.

That’s exactly what Walmart did this week when they redesigned their on-site Home Decor shopping experience. Taking some major hints from IKEA, Walmart rolled out this strikingly Nordic look earlier this week:

While the Bentonville retailer clearly drew inspiration from IKEA on this redesign, they stopped short of ripping them off entirely.  On a quick visit to Walmart, I was surprised not to see a cafeteria selling incredible Swedish meatballs.

This is a striking, positive change. At this point, it’s clear they’re pursuing a much more lifestyle image oriented experience.

Think we will see this rolled out across other categories? Of course, we will, Walmart has hinted that this is the first glimpse at their full redesign coming later this year.  I hope there’s a little more originality in the remainder of the redesign.