Best Welcome Email Series Examples in Marketing Automation

Posted on February 7, 2019

Email marketing automation is an essential tool for just about any e-commerce business. It all starts with an effective welcome email series.

This is the first chance for a brand to make an impression. If the opportunity is missed, so is potential revenue growth. But when savvy e-commerce brands take advantage of using a welcome email series, it can be a launching pad for success.

We previously discussed the ins-and-outs of a welcome email series within the marketing automation process. Now, let’s look at a few specific examples of how those emails are done right:

welcome series-email marketing automation
  • Sent by: The Hustle
  • Subject: Look what you did…
  • Why we like it: This welcome email to The Hustle newsletter is outstanding. It’s a note penned by the CEO that includes a look behind the curtain and into the company. This is effective in making the customer feel more connected to the brand than they would with copy that is simple and generic. This welcome email also sets the tone of what the newsletter is all about. If you’re into the type of creative writing displayed here, you’re going to love The Hustle. It’s very useful to effectively establish that tone from the beginning.
welcome series-email marketing automation
  • Sent by: PrettyLittleThing
  • Subject: Welcome to PLT Party [heart emojis]
  • Why we like it: This email is incredibly good at providing appeal to Millenials and Generation Z, and that’s exactly the target audience for PrettyLittleThing. “Girl, you’re new here” … “Let’s move things to BFF status” is perfectly on-brand by being both brief and relevant. The product imagery is also very well done with links to all the most popular categories within the site.
welcome series-email marketing automation
  • Sent by: Herschel
  • Subject: Welcome To Herschel
  • Why we like it: This is a great example of what should be used at some point after the first message in a welcome email series. Your brand has already introduced itself, but it’s unlikely there has been an initial purchase just yet, so it’s time to incentivize. In this example, Herschel has provided the option of 10% off and free shipping. That’s a great strategy for turning a new subscriber into a customer. For brands that are aiming to protect price integrity, it’s important to note this is best applied on the third or fourth email in a welcome series.
welcome series-email marketing automation
  • Sent by: Magnolia
  • Subject: Welcome! Here’s Your Discount Code
  • Why we like it: This is another great discount example for your welcome email series. Again, each brand should consider whether or not to make such offers immediately or later on the series. With this particular example, notice how Magnolia highlights what the brand is known for with Chip and Joanna Gaines prominently featured. For some brands, including a “here’s how you know us” element to the welcome email series is essential.
welcome series-email marketing automation
  • Sent by: Red Wing Shoes
  • Subject: Welcome to Red Wing Work Boots
  • Why we like it: This is a very good example of staying on-brand and targeting the right audience. Red Wing touts its everyday boots that are tough and come from a brand with a long tradition. It’s simple, it’s brief, and it’s to the point. All these elements seemingly resonate well with the customer base. 

How Engine Mail can help

Engine Mail was built by e-commerce veterans based on their past experiences. The aim is to provide an email automation product that is superior to anything you’ll find elsewhere. That includes the best possible tools for a welcome email series that produces results.

Our core mission in that process has been ease of use. We understand we’re competing in a world full of complexity and confusion where a large number of email products are overdone. That’s not Engine Mail. We’ve taken what we know best during our years of navigating the e-commerce landscape and created a product around email automation that is easy to understand and deploy.

We know time is your most precious asset, so we won’t take too much of it. Set up a call with us by clicking here or reaching out via email. In just 15 minutes, we will create killer email flows for you. Your business will never be the same.