What are Some Good Examples of Ecommerce Personalization?

Posted on January 11, 2018


Question: What are some good interesting ecommerce personalization cases? Looking for good examples of customer personalization and information about the results.

So ill speak on one that I use and I thought was really cool this past year. So at the end of twenty seventeen Spotify did, Spotify wrapped you know that was the role aspect of all the music you listen to over the year give you stats on your most listened songs and it gave you stats on the albums you like, your friend’s album and it created a very unique personalized page beautiful design and I think it got shared.

John Max: So you could just rag your friends for listening to Cardi B and things like that

Blake: Yeah,

John: Well I mean look what my wife sent me this morning literally, this morning it was reckless from a Spotify and it absolutely nailed it, New Kids On The Block hanging tough is the first one and everybody goes on from there like a blast from the past. So yeah him Spotify is great at it and if you go back to really the core of why we’re building engine, it is around that personalization and that user-initiated flow ideas so I back in the day when we had eleven million e-mail addresses of our last business and you remember this what we want from batching blast to sending eleven million of the same e-mail to everybody to oh well, it’s some are man, some are women, some are rich, some are poor, someone like aggressive style, some like conservative style, so when you measure those out that’s like eight different messages that were like a kindergarten degree for what we got.

And we ended up doing is building up what two hundred, three hundred different Cascades based on the events that they did, so they looked at product number one we knew certain things about them especially when you overlay that with their ecommerce personalization data so yea, having that is really core to what we’re doing here, it’s so important that to get it right, bad ecommerce personalization is worse than no ecommerce personalization. Spotify is nailing it, we nailed it our last business and we’re trying to nail it again.

Blake: Yea, with even on-site personalization, look at like you’ve added that to your cart and then it will suggest hey, here’s the sequel, here’s the third in the series that sort of thing and then on sight personalization is as big as email personalization.

John: Well there’s like eighty-nine ways to host this, you could say customers who looked at this ended up buying this which is very valuable, customers who are similar products to this, customers who bought this also bought this those are three very, very, very different things and they seem to be interchangeable when a lot of other platforms out there in the way we people are using and I get when you’re on the bottom of a product and says people who bought this also bought this, well haven’t bought it yet that’s a different mechanism so there’s like eight integration of that and that’s really the core to me around personalization and event-driven of what they’ve just done and what you know about them except for a few obvious stuff to test your story.

John Max: Yeah, success lies in the fringes and your hand coming into it you know people just get bombarded with messaging you know and so a way to pierce through that is good ecommerce personalization a way to fail is bad personalization.

Blake: So the real trunk club is really good at this they did a quiz on me in the beginning and the first trunk they said it was awful, I mean it was it was bad, so here’s the feedback it’s bad because of this, this and this, that and that trunk was better and now every time that, I don’t even get trunks anymore because when they send it to me I’ve gotten, so it’s like I don’t want you to send me a box because it’s going to be so good I’m going to want to rethink it.