What are the Next Steps after a Successful Online Store Launch?

Posted on January 10, 2018

Question: This person actually is celebrating that they watched their first product and they got featured on the first page of Producthunt and their product is called ‘The Hangover Box’. They said: “I don’t know where to post this, but I’m pumped up, launched my first real shop a few days ago, it’s called The Hangover Box. It includes snacks, drinks, sunglasses, sleeping masks and more.” He says his next step is trying to figure out how to target the right people with Facebook ads and I think we can help them there.

John Max: yes, so I’ve actually got some extremely practical advice and it’s two parts, so number one, talking about Facebook ads, I think it’s safe to assume that this product is geared towards college-aged people and so you know and it’s rawest form, just upload college e-mails, geo fix college locations and run ads to those people, run it as gifs, so like split test the different flexing of interest, so college campus, so you know for the University flex that audience against people who have friends whose birthday is coming up the next thirty days, like that as a targetable interest on Facebook, and then create the copy around like ‘Hey is your friend’s twenty-first birthday? Is your friend’s birthday? Are you going to be celebrating? They need a hangover box. Secondly, you need to partner with other college-related companies, so Up Late is a company that my friend owns, she’s C.E.O. and she is a boss marketer and they…she is competing against UberEats, she is competing against these massive food delivery companies because she owns one vertical, and that vertical is drunk college students, I’m not joking so she has like Tinder, she does Tinder marketing, like all of these different types…like she’s crazy. Shout out to you, you know who you are and all I’ll link it in the description below, but you need to partner with companies like that, because of someone’s ordering food at three in the morning and you’ve pre-sold twenty boxes to their delivery driver, you give that box to them and it starts to spread, you use it as kind of the micro influencer marketing-type tactic and you will go very far. So leverage other companies who are demoing to this market as you have you know competing with each other and then and then for Facebook ads, target those…target those interests, flex those different types of audiences, so friends that are having birthdays, just college campus you know, just sororities, fraternities, things that nature, see if you can make a branded box with, I don’t know a fraternity but Sigma Phi Alpha Nu or whatever it is if you make a branded box and sell it specifically to them, just get fun, get creative, it’s a fun creative brand just own that and market it as that.

Blake:  Well I didn’t think expanding, like having a Hangover Box for like bachelor party or bachelorette parties and then target people who have just got engaged, like hey as you’re preparing for this, blah blah blah, that kind of thing, there’s even other ways to expand and get into it.

John Max:  Massive Congrats on producthunt, number 1 in trending

Blake:  Yeah, that’s a nice box.